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Here at Survival Swimming WA, we love nothing more than supporting local business. We believe that when you support small business, you're supporting a dream, and we love watching those dreams become a reality; just as ours has.

Below are the links to the websites of our diverse, talented and valued SSWA clients. There is something for everyone so take some time to shop around and enjoy supporting your neighbourhood businesses. 

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37 Westview St Karrinyup WA 6018

I did not think when I started swimming lessons with Chloe and Eva 5 weeks ago that this is the result I would see so quickly. Kelly you are amazing, it is inspiring to watch your patience and passion for teaching young children to survive and swim in water. Both Chloe and Eva started these lessons as nervous swimmers but now I can’t get them out of the pool! I feel comfortable letting them play around and in water. It was without a doubt the best decision to join your swimming lessons, thank you so much. 

M. Greene, Perth, WA

If I lived in Perth there is nothing I would recommend more for your children than the swimming courses Kelly offers. I live in the United Kingdom and every time we come home to visit family in Perth my son attends swimming classes with Kelly every single day she is open. There isn't an amount of money you can place on your child's safety and I personally think these courses should be mandatory for all children. I wish they offered anything like this in the UK.

D. Anaba, UK

My boys (3.5 & just turned 2 yr old) have not yet finished their scheduled 30 lessons but have already passed their fully clothed swim | float | swim test! Neither of them could swim before starting lessons with Kelly! I am forever grateful. Kelly is an awesome teacher, I highly recommend if you have young children. Thank you Kelly. 

H. Switch, Perth, WA

Our first child was put into the standard 'swimming lesson' classes from 6 months old. After a couple of years he still didn't have the skills to swim let alone try and save himself should the unthinkable occur. At 4 years old, after a couple of weeks with Kelly, he was swimming laps of the pool, jumping into the deep end and thoroughly enjoying his time in the water using the swim, float, swim technique. It's incredible to watch the rapid transformation in their abilities and confidence and gives our family the peace of mind knowing our children have the skills to save themselves. Kelly, your persistence, patience and passion is second to none. We are so grateful to have found you. Thank you. 

S. Stanley, Perth WA

My daughter is learning from Kelly at the moment and what she has learnt in 4 weeks is mind blowing to say the least, and she is only 1! I would recommend to every child. 

S. Dyer, Perth, WA

Every child needs these skills. This course is invaluable!

S. Gower, Perth, WA

3 yr old swimming independently and confidently in 3 months! Amazing! Kelly is fantastic. 

A. Ingram, Perth, WA